What’s included in a deep cleaning?

by rvadmin1 - January 15, 2021


The Deep Clean service option is a comprehensive top-to-bottom cleaning of your home. We guarantee our Deep  Clean to be the most thorough house cleaning in Richmond, VA. We recommend a deep cleaning if you have not had your home professionally cleaned within the past three (3) months, or if you do not use a cleaning service on a regular basis.

A deep clean includes all the services of a standard clean but with more attention to areas that you may have forgotten to clean up over time. When it comes to deep cleaning, we will remove items and wipe things down. Deep cleaning allows more time in your home to get all the details. This in-depth cleaning will get your home in tip-top shape! Our deep clean is recommended for the first visit. Our standard service will be more than enough to keep your house in top shape.


Here what’s included with our Deep Clean:

Bedrooms + Common Areas

  • Make Beds: We can make your bed, and/or change changes. Leave sheets for a full change of bed for no extra charge.
  • Dust and vacuum: We can get to the hard-to-reach ledges, reachable light fixtures, and wipe down cabinets. Basically, all the places that are too hard to reach during your normal cleaning routine.
  • Carpet: Clean carpet and upholstery, if needed. This does not include pet stains.
  • Doors: Wipe down doors and doorframes for fingerprints and smudges.
  • Garbage Cans: Wipeout and sanitize garbage cans, recycling bins, and wastebaskets
  • Couch & Chairs: We remove all cushions and vacuum the creases where pet hair and popcorn love to hide. We can also move the couch to clean underneath and behind it if it sits against a wall.
Kitchen Deep Cleaning
  • Oven: During a deep cleaning, we will clean the surfaces of your oven. For extra, we can spray the inside of the oven with a solution, allow it to soak, then scrub down all sides of the interior oven walls and wire racks
  • Stovetop: We can remove the pot grates from the stovetop and soak them if needed. Scrub down all surfaces and control knobs with disinfectant. We can also clean the hood fan and the hood fan filter if this area needs some TLC.
  • Microwave: A deep clean includes the inside and outside of the microwave. If the microwave is tucked into an enclave in the cabinets, or on the countertop, we will clean it underneath/around it.
  • Sink: This seems like a no-brainer, but after all that cleaning, the kitchen sink is going to be filthy. We wipe it out with hot soapy water, paying attention to the crevices in the backsplash, and around the faucet. Then use a disinfectant spray with bleach for the stubborn stains.

Bathroom Deep Cleaning

  • Showers/Tubs: A bleach solution will soak on the shower floor and tiled walls with the solution while we get a few things in order. After we let the solution sit for a few, we gently scrub the caulk or grout with the scrubbing sponge and solution.
  • Toilet: We scrub the toilet & also pay attention to the toilet base and hard to reach areas behind it as well.
  • Mirrors: Mirrors will be wiped down, all surfaces, and sink area will be wiped down. Your items will be removed and also wiped for a thorough deep cleaning

What does this service not include? We charge extra for the following:

  • Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning
  • Extra rooms/areas
  • Cleaning inside of closets
  • Cleaning inside the fridge
  • Cleaning inside the cabinets
  • Cleaning inside the oven
  • Organizing
  • Cleaning interior windows
  • Laundry
  • Baseboards

Why Choose Our Trusted  Cleaners?

Asides from the reasons listed above, we allow you to customize your deep cleaning to your exact needs! You can simply select your number of bedrooms and bathrooms to book your house cleaning service in Richmond online or you can always give us a call at (804) 482-5312 and we would be more than happy to walk you through the details over the phone.

For those of you who prefer to book your Richmond house cleaning online, you can just select the “Deep Cleaning” add-on after you select the number of rooms in your home. The deep cleaning is a little bit more expensive, but that is due to the fact that it takes a little bit of extra time & elbow grease to clean those neglected areas. After your initial deep cleaning, you can always take advantage of our recurring discounts if you would like us to maintain your home on a regular basis.

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